FAQs:Frequently Asked Questions

What is Structured Wiring?

Structured Wiring is the key to keeping your house in tune with technologies such as high speed internet access, telephone systems, computing, cable TV, home automation and security.
A Structured Wiring System consists of a central point (S.U.N) that accepts incoming services and distributes them throughout the home using high performance cabling and high quality outlets which are specifically designed to support devices like computers, audio/video equipment, telephones, security systems, lighting controls and other devices to enhance your home.

What is Cat-5E?

CAT-5E is the phone and data wiring used in a structured network

  • As a telephone wire, Cat-5E allows up to 4 phone lines per location
  • As a Data/Computer wire, Cat-5E can be used for computer networking.
  • All Cat-5E is run in a Homerun Configuration

What is RG-6?

Quid Shielded RG-6 is an enhanced coaxial cable that amplifies your television signal strength and provides you with the highest quality picture when viewing Digital Satellite, Cable, or DVD movies.


  • 1 RG-6 coaxial is used for normal satellite TV.
  • 1 RG-6 coaxial is used for digital cable.
  • 2 RG-6 coaxial is used for high definition satellite.
  • 1 Rg-6 coaxial is used for video distribution.

If you are planning on doing a combination of cable and satellite, then look at the guide and add RG-6 to those locations.

What is Home Automation?

Home automation is the integration of the different systems in your home to function as one unit. Home control systems are typically operated by either touch screens or keypads. A Home Control system will effectively tie together your indoor and outdoor lighting, audio and video equipment, security system, even your heating and cooling system.

With a Home Automation system, you can press one button and have the lights brighten, your favorite music come on and the temperature be set at the most comfortable level. These types of events are called “scenes” and can be programmed on your remotes to your specific needs. For example, a goodnight scene that turns off all the lights and arms the security system, or a party scene that turns on lights and music for entertaining guests.

What is a Home Computer Network?

A Home Computer Network is group of computers and associated devices that are typically setup to share printers, files and a single high-speed Internet connection. It can also be configured to provide a higher level of security by implementing a set of rules and parental controls to protect your children from inappropriate online content. In addition, wireless components can be integrated to your home network that will allow you access other computers, printers, MP3 servers or browse the internet from anywhere in the house, and even the patio.

Why do I need additional CAT-5 cables?

  • You want to add a phone to a new location (I.E Garage, living room, backyard).
  • You want to add a Wall mount phone (I.E approximately 5 ft from the floor)
  • If using satellite and want to order pay per view movies or special sporting events then you need to plug in a phone jack into the satellite receiver.
  • You need to have a dedicated CAT-5 as a data line for your computer.

Why do I need additional RG-6 cables??

  • You want to have a new TV. Location (i.e. garage, kitchen)
  • You want a T.V location up high in the corner for future fitness room or pool table (i.e.approx 18 inches down from the ceiling in wall)

What is Prewire?

As technology advances, the internal wiring of your home will become more and more important. “Prewire” is the term used for running wiring through a home while it is under construction. Planning for future technologies requires several different types of wire. In order to design your dream system, we like to meet with you early on in the building process. We begin our actual wiring after the HVAC, electrical and plumbing have been roughed-in; just before the insulation is installed.